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RST Global Solutions Is The Worldwide Leader In Onboard Oil & Gas Training Delivery. Since 2009 We Have Been Working With Drilling And Production Companies, Around The World, Providing A Comprehensive Solution For Their Training Needs. Our Teams Are Always Ready To Adapt And Evolve Together With Our Client’s Needs And Requirements In Order To Provide The Best Solution For Their Necessities.

Our Company Has A Global Footprint, Being Acknowledged For Its Work In Asia Pacific, West Africa, Middle East, Europe, North And South America. That Experience Allows Us To Be Able To Provide Our Services While Always Understanding And Adapting Ourselves To Specific Local Requirements And Demands.

RST’s Core Business Is The Delivery Of Onboard And On-Site Oil & Gas Training And Our Flexible Approach To Training Hours And Environments, Associated With Our Costing Approach Makes Us The Most Competitive And Cost-Effective Onboard Training Provider.

From The Moment We Are Engaged To Deliver Onboard Trainings And At All Times While Performing The Activities, We Provide To Our Clients The Complete Information And Overview Of Our Plans And Activities With The Use Of Proprietary Planning And Reporting Documents That Track Daily And Weekly Progress.


About Us

We have had success working in several locations over the years, having been able to demonstrate our expertise and working model to achieve training success on the different projects we have been engaged with around the world.

With our many years of experience, we can understand the specificities of interpreting and planning based on using the Training Matrixes while working with different Oil Majors and we are able to provide all necessary high-quality trainings. Our experience in different global locations is an important asset to all of our customers, as with our knowledge of the local regulations, customized courses (when required) and familiarity with national customs and habits, we can provide the best assistance possible.


Why RST Global?

  • We manage the requirements and uniqueness of each project by providing customizable, accessible, and flexible solutions.
  • Rapid turnaround time and service availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Outstanding technological qualifications that are well-recognized by clientele.
  • At no additional expense, we provide complete assistance with training planning and management, ensuring that deadlines and budgets are met.

What’s more?

  • Support model that is innovative (Day Rate Model)
  • Highly skilled and bilingual personnel
  • Proactive and multi-tasking trainers
  • Comprehensive onshore planning and management support
  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certificate of Registration
  • Over 17,000 crew members have been trained and 40,000 certifications have been awarded.
  • Over 40 mobilizations have been accomplished.


RST Global Solutions obtained ISO 9001:2015 accreditation through DNV, demonstrating its full commitment with quality standards on all of its internal processes and documents.

In order to maintain the accreditation, all our internal documentation is periodically reviewed and updated as necessary. The same applies to our Training Materials and methodologies, that are constantly being reviewed by our Trainers and SMEs to make sure they are always reflecting the latest regulations and Best Practices adopted by the Oil & Gas Industry.

Due to the nature of our business, RST has a very strong and assertive HSSE culture and our policies reflect that, making sure that all activities conducted by RST Trainers are done in a planned and safe manner. Trainers are fully instructed and understand that unless this is achieved, they should not go ahead with their activities.

Our Alcohol and Drugs Policy and Anti-Corruption and Bribe Policy are another of our two most important policies and all personnel is fully informed about the policies and are regularly reminded of their importance for our business.
Our Quality Assurance protocols are applicable to all of our activities, ranging from course development to complete monitoring of the satisfaction indicators from our clients.

All training materials developed by RST is reviewed 03 different times by our SMEs on the specific area and before being published and be available to our Trainers, our Vice President of Operations also has to sign-off on the materials. The repeated reviews and checks are implemented to minimize the chance of incorrect or incomplete information to be present on our courses, maintaining the utmost quality on our services.

While attending a client, our Trainers are subjected to monitoring of their activities and processes by their Project Managers and by our Compliance Manager. That close monitoring will guarantee that at all times the Trainers are using the latest materials and forms and that our Management Team can act quickly in case of any discrepancy and get it corrected.

Another extremely important Quality Marker for our company are the satisfaction questionnaires filled by all students that take any of our courses. Each student has the opportunity to rate their courses from 1 to 5, in different parameters and is able to leave a comment about the training experience. All questionnaires are individually reviewed by our Compliance staff and if a student rate any of the evaluation parameters with a grade under 3, the questionnaire is immediately forwarded to the Project Manager and Compliance Manager that will contact the Trainer in question to understand what motivated the low score. All the findings are recorded for future referencing and in cases where the evaluation from the student can help us to improve in any matter, we will prepare an improvement plan to address the issue.